The Oakbourne Mansion is situated near the center of Oakbourne Park, located in Westtown Township at the corners of Oakbourne, South Concord and East Pleasant Grove Roads. The Mansion can be accessed from a driveway immediately north of a Gate House on South Concord Road.

The Mansion originated as a residence, built by Mr. And Mrs. John Hulme, in the late eighteen hundreds. In 1882, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith purchased the Mansion and surrounding grounds and converted it into a park and summer home. After Mrs. Smith’s death in 1893, the property was willed to the Philadelphia Protestant Episcopal City Mission. At this time, it was used as a convalescent home for women. The Westtown Township purchased the Mansion and surrounding grounds some seventy years later.

The Mansion is currently owned and operated by the Westtown Township for public meetings, community activities and private banquets. Part of the second floor of the mansion houses fulltime living quarters for the groundskeeper. A water tower of unusual architectural character is located approximately 200 feet to the southwest of the Mansion. Though the tower is no longer used for water storage, it remains as a well-preserved example of historic design and construction techniques.