The Killens Pond Nature Center was built in accordance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. The open design provides exceptional day-lighting and views. The park is a serene, natural setting that is home to many native species of wildlife and vegetation. The Killens Pond Nature Center design complements the surrounding environment rather than interfering with it. The center is located alongside the pond and at the edge of the park’s forest. The view of the pond and the covered outdoor decks connect visitors with the natural features of the park.

The center offers a relaxing setting for meetings and small events. The lower level of the center features a lab that may be used as a classroom. The upper level meeting room overlooks Killens Pond and opens onto an observation deck, and the lower level opens onto a small amphitheater on the edge of the pond. During breaks, your guests will enjoy viewing the large collection of native reptiles and amphibians in the separate exhibit area.