Brunch Menu Spring 2019


Charcutière gfp
Prosciutto di Parma, sopresatta, dried chorizo, Manchego, marinated olives, caper berries, pickled carrots, cauliflower, port wine fig jam, crostini and grissini. 15.75

Crispy Calamari
Spicy marinara and Italian pepperoncini. 11.75

House Crafted Hand-Rolled Ricotta Gnocchi veg
Butternut squash, mushrooms, arugula and Talegio cream sauce. 15.75

Roasted Corn Fritters veg
Sweet corn vanilla emulsion and tomato corn relish. 10.75

Sweet Potato Fries veg
Truffled honey sauce 7.00
Add as a side to any dish 2.50

Paella gf

Paella Espagnola
A Spanish paella with saffron infused rice, lobster, littleneck clams, mussels, chicken breast, veal sausage, sautéed shrimp and salmon, bell peppers, and onions. 18.99


The following may be added to any salad:

  • pan-seared chicken breast 5.00
  • herb sautéed shrimp 7.00
  • cured anchovy filets 3.00
  • grilled portabella mushrooms 4.00
  • sautéed beef tenderloin tips 8.00
  • roasted salmon 9.00

Boston Bibb BLT gfp
with crispy pancetta, heirloom tomatoes, crumbled Roquefort and gorgonzola dressing. 11.99

Classic Caesar gfp
Romaine hearts tossed with focaccia croutons, house made classic Caesar dressing, garnished with herb dehydrated Roma tomatoes and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano. 10.99

Baby Spinach gfp veg
with grilled vegetables, lentils, basil and fresh goat cheese herb red wine vinaigrette. 11.99

Omelets gf

Served with roasted potatoes and a small vanilla gelato with granola and berries

Sautéed shrimp, crumbled bacon, scallions, mozzarella, and homemade horseradish sauce. 12.99

Our take on the Western – Prosciutto Di Parma, roasted red peppers, sautéed red onions, melted mozzarella. 11.99

Tomato Brie and Spinach veg
Diced tomatoes, baby leaf spinach, melted brie and roasted apple chutney 12.49

Farm Fresh Eggs gf

Your choice; Over medium, over easy, sunny-side-up, or scrambled. Served with applewood bacon, roasted Yukon gold potatoes, and diced tomatoes 12.99

Poached Eggs gfp

Served over toasted English muffin with Hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes and small vanilla gelato with granola and berries

  • substitute gluten-free ciabatta roll 2.00

Eggs Benedict
with Canadian Bacon 14.99

Eggs Aragosta
with Lobster 16.99

Eggs Mignon
with sautéed filet mignon tips 15.99

Eggs Caprese veg
Fresh mozarella, sliced Roma tomatoes 13.99


White Bean and Tomato veg with Garden Vegetables 6.00 cup | 7.00 bowl

French Onion au Gratin gfp 5.00 cup | 6.00 crock

Featured Soup 6.00 cup | 7.00 bowl


Pancetta Apple Roasted Brussels Sprouts gf veg 8.00

Roasted Vegetable Hash gf veg 5.00

Grilled Asparagus gf veg 8.00

Pan Herb Roasted Potatoes gf 4.00

Crispy Applewood Smoked Bacon gf 4.00

Toast and Jam veg Toasted English Muffin or Wheat Toast 2.00


Served with scrambled eggs and small vanilla gelato with granola and berries

Lemon Ricotta veg
Raspberry coulis, mascarpone whipped cream. 12.99

Shrimp, Tomato and Crab
Shrimp sauteed with crab, baby leaf spinach and diced tomatoes served over lemon-ricotta stuffed crepes with marinated peppers. 14.99

Pulled Pork and Mushroom
Pulled pork, sautéed exotic mushrooms, porcini béchamel, applewood smoked bacon and ricotta 14.99

French Toast & Pancakes

Served with scrambled eggs and a small vanilla gelato with granola and berries

Crème Brûlée French Toast
French Brioche dipped in crème brûlée Grand Marnier batter, toasted and served with a maple-butter syrup, strawberry mousse, and toasted almonds. 14.99

Stuffed French Toast veg
French Brioche dipped in a crème brûlée batter and toasted, stuffed with whipped ricotta cheese, candied walnuts and roasted bananas. Drizzled with a maple-butter sauce. 14.99

Smoked Salmon Pancake
Lemon ricotta pancake with smoked salmon and sliced red onion capers. 13.99

Artisan Pizza

The following may be added to any pizza:

  • Pepperoni 3.00
  • Italian Sausage 3.00
  • Shrimp 7.00

Classico veg
Tomato Sauce, fresh mozzarella, basil. 10.40

Fig puree, thin sliced Prosciutto di Parma, crumbled gorgonzola, chives, truffled honey, and toasted pine nuts. 11.99

Smoked Salmon, sliced red onions, goat cheese, béchamel, baby arugula, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon zest. 12.49

Veal sausage, pepperoni, Buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers. 13.99

Kennet Square Mushroom veg
Baby spinach, fontina, béchamel, drizzled with olive oil. 11.99

Giovani Primavera
Red peppers, zucchini, garlic olive oil and mozzarella. 11.99

Panini gfp

All panini are served on our fresh baked homemade focaccia, accompanied with roasted Yukon gold potatoes and mixed baby greens

  • substitute multigrain bread 1.00
  • substitute gluten-free ciabatta roll 2.00
  • substitute sweet potato fries for roasted potatoes 2.50

Roasted Turkey and Brie
Sliced apple, honey mustard, lettuce and tomatoes. 12.49

Pulled Pork and Gouda
Tender pulled pork, apricot-onion jam, smoked gouda cheese, and sweet potato fries. 12.49

Basil Pesto Chicken
Tender pan-seared chicken breast, basil pesto, mozzarella, Roma tomatoes, and leaf lettuce. 12.49

Applewood Burger
Roasted garlic aioli, Gorgonzola cheese, bacon marmalade, caramelized red onions, frisée lettuce and tomato. 15.99

Grilled Asparagus veg
Avocado, spinach, asparagus, tomato and salad. 10.49

Soppressata, prosciutto di Parma, salami, melted provolone, and herb-sherry vinaigrette. 12.99

Caprino veg
Balsamic portabello mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onion, sweet peppers, and Caprino mousse. 12.49

Entrées & House-Crafted Pastas

Pink Peppercorn Roasted Salmon gf
Olive oil, roasted sunchokes, wilted spinach, and wild mushrooms with a Meyer lemon nage. 22.99

Lump Crab and Shrimp gfp
Lump crab and sautéed shrimp tossed in our signature ‘crab rosa’ sauce over house crafted capellini pasta. 19.99

Tenderloin Tip Tortellini
Filet Mignon tips sautéed with shallots, wild mushrooms, diced tomatoes and spinach, served in Marsala cream sauce over house crafted porcini-ricotta tortellini. 21.99

veg Vegetarian. gf Gluten-Free selections. gfp Gluten-free possible upon request, let your server know of any allergies.

If desired, a custom Event Menu can be built from our restaurant menus. Our event experts would be glad to assist.

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